We got 7 inches (or more) of snow December 26, 2010. Like everything else in the south, it was slow to get here and missed giving us a white Christmas by a few hours. (I am a southerner and love the south. Please do not tell me to go back where I came from, if I don’t like it here. I do like it here, and I’m already there.)

I hope I have posted a picture of our front steps. We did not go down them for awhile. There were four steps leading down to the yard. Hopefully the image is at the top of this post.

I walked the dogs out from under the carport to places they could not locate. No matter how hard they sniffed the ground, they could not find their “spots”. After several minutes of loud encouraging – as the wind whipped snow around us and tried to freeze us to death – they did “squat!” as commanded and do what I took them out to do.

I bought myself a very cheap digital camera for Christmas. Believe it or not, I found it marked down to $12.50. One of the “catches” is that there is no flash, so I take all photos outside.

I took about 75 pictures and posted them on facebook in case my friends who were also trapped at home could not remember what the snow that was just outside their windows looked like. Or maybe so that none of us forgot.

This Christmas has been a dull one. The live tree I bought never did smell up the house as hoped for with the fresh green smell of Christmas pine. I think it’s dead. My son swore it was beautiful and took a picture of the dead, decorated thing and posted it on facebook, as if that made it true.

I have less than a week now before I return to work. This has been a nice break – snow and all – and I dread going back to work. I should not admit that, I guess. But I have enjoyed this bit of free time and look forward to what is left of my “winter break”, which is really my Christmas vacation. Currently I teach in a public school.


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