Customer Service

Customer Service does not exist anymore in America. What we have now are phrases repeated by poorly trained individuals that are spouted out without regard for the actual situation.
Yesterday I had a terrible time with an online selling place. I had sold a video game and taken it to the post office, mailed it – making sure I got a tracking number so the customer could see where it was until it got to her – and done everything I could to insure a good experience for both me and the customer. I grew up in the era when the customer is always right and you don’t wait to be sued before you acknowledge that.
The online place I sold the video game through – they listed it for me and let me know when I had a buyer, who the buyer was, and where to ship the game – promised payment of the money they collected from the customer to me by Dec. 23. Good. When it became Dec. 28 and I still hadn’t received the money, I went to my email account and typed in the name of the company and looked through the emails I’d received from them. Oh, here was one I hadn’t gotten. It must have gone to my spam account. It said since I didn’t have a valid credit card on file that they could not put the money into my checking account. ??? Why not? I went in to my seller account and checked to be sure the card they had was valid. I took the card out and double checked the numbers and all the other information. It looked valid to me. I used it often. So I emailed the company and told them it was valid. They said to go in and request disbursement of my funds. They said the money would be sent Dec. 29. I did that.
Later that day when I checked my email, I had a notice from the same company saying my money could not be disbursed because the credit card on file was not valid. I sent another email to customer service. They shot one right back saying there was nothing they could do because my credit card was invalid. They suggested I contact my bank. They said maybe I didn’t have enough money in the bank to cover the charge that they had to make to verify its validity. (I found out later the amount of the charge was $1 and was again insulted.) At the time I questioned why if they owed ME money they were charging my credit card? The thing that was not being done was money deposited into my checking checking account for the item sold and shipped to the customer they said wanted it. I’d done my part. What was the hold up?
I decided being sane and polite was not working for me. So I fired off five emails every twenty minutes to the customer service people. (Not hard to do if you have mastered copy/paste) If they would not pay me the $100 they owed me, I would get $100 worth of customer service time out of them at least. I also listed one more credit card that they could verify, although I’d said previously there was nothing wrong with the one they had on file, and I wasn’t going to give them another one. I was trying to cooperate, which is something they needed to master.
The next time I checked my bank account, the company had charged $1 to both of my credit cards. This resulted in a barrage of 10 more crazy emails to the customer service site. The site promised answers within 24 hours and most came sooner than that. I was amused at the “Thank you for contacting us” . . . at the beginning of each of their reply emails. There was little variance in their replies, and it seemed it was still my problem.
So I fired off a “Get your supervisor and have her read this email” to customer service. Suddenly I was a person to someone. I received an email from a supervisor at the company who said my funds would be disbursed on Dec. 29 and that she was so sorry I’d had so much trouble that I’d get $10 off MY next order. Yeah, like I’m going to order anything from them. Well, maybe if I can find something that costs $10. But she said the $10 credit would not show up, but would be automatically credited when I placed an order. Huh? Does she think that the employees she has working for her now will be able to fix that, if there’s a glitch in that?
It’s not just the company I dealt with all yesterday. The local supermarkets insist on employing cashiers and baggers that chat and joke with each other while slamming my groceries into bags so hard that things break and packages get dented. Although I’ve complained twice to both stores, the cashiers continue. And it’s not just me. Other people tell me they treat them the same way.
So I drive thirty miles now to shop in another town. I don’t know why we as a country don’t let our money speak for us and use businesses and services that remember “The Customer is Always Right”.


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