I Didn’t Dare

The last post I wrote on this site was posted on the day of my sister’s funeral.

What I didn’t add was that she was there standing behind me as the boys played and yelled at each other.

Her spirit . . . not her.

And my little dog’s feet left the ground as she barked at what stood behind me as it whispered, “Remember when that was us?” and the deep throated chuckle that followed that statement was clearly my sister’s own.

I didn’t dare mention my dead sister’s visit that day because when I mentioned it to my cousin, Jimmy, he scoffed and said it hadn’t happened. Well, it had and to prove it, I told him I’d tell her to go see HIM!

He quickly said, “No, don’t do that.”

Well, if it didn’t happen, what harm is there in telling it to happen to him?

But I see it has been a long time since my last playful post and I must write about the next joyful, or funny thing that happens.

You never know when a laugh will happen. Often it’s just around the corner.


About msplayful

I am someone who finds life humorous and often share my views with friends and co-workers. Since I've been told I should be a stand-up comedian, I thought I'd see how well I could do at writing funny things that happen, or that happen in my head.
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