Memories That May Be Amusing

I got a notice on facebook that I have memories today. As I read them, some made me smile. One made me laugh out loud. Well . . . it’s been awhile since anything was funny enough for me to post here. I’m going to copy/paste some of the posts in case anyone reading this wants a smile. I hope at least one of them is amusing to someone besides me.

# 1 – I took the old dog for a walk when I got home. She decided to bark at the children getting off the bus. Every time she’d bark, one of her front legs would go out from under her. (Did I mention she’s OLD and arthritic?) This did not deter her. A little boy walked by – by then I’d made her go across the street from the children – and he said, “I’m scared”, and I believe he was . . . Oh, she was a fiesty thing . . . his fear just encouraged her. I had to get between him and that barking, staggering dog so he’d feel safe walking to his house. She can’t go out anymore in the afternoon until that bus has passed.

#2 – This was when a tropical storm was on the way . . .  My cat who HATES being inside came in kicking and screaming this evening. I carried her inside, despite her protests. I tried to explain about tropical storm winds and rain, but she didn’t care. I just feel sorry for the other cat I have that she pretended she didn’t remember ever seeing before. He had to come in too and share a room with her.

#3 – I had been sick . . . is better, but now George is sick. I don’t know which is worse. Being sick, or having a man in the house that is sick.

#4 . . . My old dog, Magic, had heart failure and I tried to keep her from getting excited. I was posting about her on this day . . . Magic has had her six pills and I’m going to bed. She can be seen singing with me in a couple of my videos on here. She can no longer sing . . . well, she can, but she faints from the excitement of it and it’s just not the same . . .  When I reread this,  after several years now without her, I remembered how she tried to sing with me even after she had heart failure and she would faint. The poor old girl had a big heart and wanted to be in the middle of everything. I think I’ll post her picture next.


About msplayful

I am someone who finds life humorous and often share my views with friends and co-workers. Since I've been told I should be a stand-up comedian, I thought I'd see how well I could do at writing funny things that happen, or that happen in my head.
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One Response to Memories That May Be Amusing

  1. Ralph says:

    Cool. its all I can say…


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