Animal Communication

I know. I’ve written on this before.
Problem is before I mentioned dogs and cats. Other animals try to communicate as well.
I know how to talk to squirrels so that they stop what they’re doing and turn their head this way and that as if listening. I have no idea what the sounds I’m making mean.
I did understand the sounds hurled at my cat by a squirrel one day as we sat on the porch one recent spring morning. I had put up a bird feeder and kept seeds in it during the cold winter days. I knew that sometimes the squirrels came by and raided it as well.
I didn’t see the squirrel who tried to sneak up onto the porch to get to the bird feeder that spring day, but my cat, Hunter, did. All of a sudden she darted down the ramp towards the driveway and I watched a squirrel suddenly scamper up a tree. When it became evident she wasn’t going to climb up after him, he changed his position on the tree, and hanging so that his face was close to the ground with his body upside down, he let loose with a torrent of sounds that sounded very much like curse words to me. Hunter just sat calmly beside me. She was back on the porch. She didn’t even glance his way during his tirade, but she did think, “you know what I told you”.
Or maybe I have a very vivid imagination, but that day, I did understand the squirrel’s curses and the cat’s calm reply.


About msplayful

I am someone who finds life humorous and often share my views with friends and co-workers. Since I've been told I should be a stand-up comedian, I thought I'd see how well I could do at writing funny things that happen, or that happen in my head.
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