Have Pile of Yard Trash, Will Travel

My neighbor across the street did some yard work about ten days ago. He put all the stuff he raked up, cut off and moved off his property into a pile of what looked like mostly pine straw to me. He put this pile in the street by the curb in front of his house.
I did not know that the trucks came by in the middle of the summer. I watched to see how long it would sit out there because I had some yard waste of my own I’d love to dispose of that way.
It was still there day before yesterday when we had that horrible thunderstorm. The rain came down so hard you could not see through it. I sat on my bed with my dog and comforted her as the lightning flashed, the thunder boomed and the rain poured down. She was scared and I was fascinated by the storm.
The next morning I went out and noticed the pile of mostly pine straw was gone from in front of my neighbor’s yard. As I followed my dog on her morning walk, she found that pile several yards down the street and stopped to pee on it. I marveled at how well the pile had stuck together and moved as a mass down the street. It must have happened during the storm. Now it’s someone else’s problem.
Did I mention I live on a slight hill? Still, I’ve never seen that much yard waste move so neatly to another place.


About msplayful

I am someone who finds life humorous and often share my views with friends and co-workers. Since I've been told I should be a stand-up comedian, I thought I'd see how well I could do at writing funny things that happen, or that happen in my head.
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