It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, The Old Lady’s Boring!

For some reason my cat, Hunter, will sit in the rain. I’ve never seen a cat do this before. If I try to bring her in the house when it’s raining, she tries to scratch me, so I leave her outside.

Yesterday it was raining and I looked out to see her sitting under a pine tree getting wet. It was “feeding time” and I walked out in the rain with her dish and a can of Fancy Feast to see if she wanted to eat? She came to me, oblivious of the rain, and meowed. (That’s her signal for “yes, I am hungry”.) I did not want to put her food down where it would get rained on, so I began to search for a dry place. For some reason, she has started refusing to come on the porch. She used to sit on it all the time and now she will not put one paw on it. Still, I tried setting her dish down there. She sat a few feet away and channeled her “I don’t want to be on the porch anymore” thought. So I glanced at the booth that was set in the yard – yes, it needs to be moved! and thought perhaps under that would suit her. It was dry. I put the food there and then couldn’t find her. My son, by then, had come outside to see why I was out in the rain. I think he expects my mind to go any day now, and he wants to be there when it does. I told him I was trying to feed Hunter, but didn’t know where she’d gone. (She was by my ankles where I could not see her.) I set the plate down and she jumped up on the seat and began to eat under the dry, covered area of the booth table. I said, “Now, she’s not getting wet.”

My son said, “No, but you are.”

I hope I don’t look foolish to the neighbors. They’d already stopped mowing their lawns earlier to watch me chase Hunter around the front yard so I could put her flea medicine on her. Now I stood in the rain and watched her eat in her dry space and wondered, “What’s wrong with this picture?”


About msplayful

I am someone who finds life humorous and often share my views with friends and co-workers. Since I've been told I should be a stand-up comedian, I thought I'd see how well I could do at writing funny things that happen, or that happen in my head.
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One Response to It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, The Old Lady’s Boring!

  1. preachteach says:

    Growing up, my best friend used to dress her cat in doll clothes and then push it around in a stroller. Now that looked strange to the neighbors!!


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