The Dog’s “Pets”

My dog, Joy, seems to think that any bug that makes it into the house is her new, special friend. She gets upset if I take the fly swatter and send one of her new friends to “bug heaven”. I try not to kill one around her. I do have the house treated and the few times I see a critter, it is upside down on its back with feet in the air dying.

I saw one like that yesterday. Joy laid on the futon and when she saw me notice it, she displayed her worried eyes and watched me as I started to finish it off and dispose of it. In respect to her feelings, I thought I’d play a little fetch with her first and then when she went to take a nap, I’d escort her friend to a better place.

Everything was going well and she was happily chasing the tennis ball down the hall a few times. The last time she came back with it, she dropped it in the floor near the bug. “Bring it to ME!” I told her. She mischieviously began to roll it with her paw. The next thing I knew, she had rolled that tennis ball over the mostly dead bug, and the bug had latched onto the ball and came rolling head over heels towards me. It finally fell off just before the ball got to me. It landed on its back and started wiggling its legs in the air. That was it!

I grabbed the fly swatter and finished beating the thing to death. I glanced at Joy who had sulked off towards the futon and looked upset with me.

I got a papertowel and cleaned up the mess. I put it in the trashcan.

I assured her she’d have another little friend one day. She still didn’t want to have anything to do with me.

Next time I’ll just toss the ball in a room and close the door when she goes in to get it, and then finish off any bug she thinks is her own special pet. I had no idea she’d give that bug a ride on her tennis ball and still wonder if she did it on purpose?

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Memory – Tea For Paul

When I was a seventeen year old bride, I remember putting tea bags in the pot to steep and did it while the pot was on the burner. But back then I didn’t know what the word steep meant as it refers to cooking, and I thought it meant keep boiling the water and just put the tea bags in. So I did and as I stood there, all six tags on those tea bags caught on fire. I yelled for Paul (husband) and he helped me put out the fire, and he moved the pot to the stove top and off the burner. I also didn’t know that you add cold water to the hot water to make tea, so after the tea had steeped, I poured only that hot boiling tea water into the beautiful glass pitcher someone had given us for a wedding present. Paul was sitting with his back to the kitchen and when I was halfway to the table with that pitcher, it exploded and he jumped out of his seat yelling, “What the hell was that???” ha, ha. It was the tea! I think he decided he didn’t like tea any more after that and we switched to Dr. Peppers for our beverages at home. (He drove a Dr. Pepper truck and would stop by the house (trailer) and leave a case of them when we’d get low.)

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Christmas, This Year

This is my first Christmas without my old dog. She was 17 when she died last June. I had her since the day she was born and she was constantly by my side. I’ve missed her so much I couldn’t even talk about her for a few months after I lost her.

I do have my sons’ dog, Joy, who is eight years old. She made it plain to me that she was their dog and would tolerate me if I was eating something she wanted a bite of. But we weren’t close. The first night when I tried to sleep in my bedroom with my old dog’s two beds empty in the floor, I went and got Joy. By then all my sons had moved out and she spent her time hoping for a visit from one of them. But I called her from her bed in their room and talked her into coming into my room. She went to both of the old dog’s beds and sniffed. She looked confused. “Pick one and lay down,” I told her as I turned off my lamp. She had no choice. The door was closed. So she did. She laid down in the one at the foot of the bed.

We’ve spent the last five months getting to know each other. From time to time I’ll include her in things I used to do with Blackie. Like decorating the porch for Christmas. Yeah, We just went out to do that.

I was minding my own business, trying to wrap those little lights around all those wrought iron porch columns and rails when I felt like I was being attacked by birds. I have a bird feeder on the porch, but no birds had come to eat while I was out there. Suddenly they ALL wanted to land at once? Even if it meant flying through my hair? I yelled at the birds to stop that! Then I saw the bushes below the porch moving. Guess what. Joy had discovered some birds are ground feeders and she was having a great old time chasing after them.

I called to her to come on up here on the porch. She ignored me as she chased a mourning dove, who was flying just above her head as they both went down the driveway. Joy hasn’t learned a lot (or maybe she has), but I’ve used my old commands that the old dog knew with Joy enough that she’s picked up some things. I clapped my hands twice and she stopped in her tracks and ran back to me. When she got to the porch, I told her to stand right there and don’t move so I could get these Christmas lights wrapped around all these curly Q things and to leave those birds alone!

She did and the ones who had been flying at my head settled down. I’m not sure it’s as decorated as it usually is, but we got the lights on the porch, Joy and I. She was more than ready to come in. I picked the coldest day of the year so far to decorate the porch, and I don’t know why.

Now, this afternoon, since I’ve found one of the old dog’s winter coats. I’m going to put that on Joy and see how she likes it. So far she hasn’t liked dressing up, but once she feels how much warmer she is outside in it, she might change her mind.

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Joy, My Younger Dog

Joy loves to use her nose and front paws to bat her tennis balls against the back of my feet as I work in the kitchen . . . she tries to ping them off my feet and then she’ll go chase them. When I get tired of it, I kick one really hard! Then she wags her tail and chases it. I can’t win . . .
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Lost and Found Dog


FOUND (LOST) DOG. Spent the night with a strange woman last night and wants to go home. Not microchipped. Just returned from vet and on the way home hit the window button and rolled down my window. Fresh air was nice, but hysterical driver distracted me from it. I am a girl. Act like a lap dog. Want to go home.

(Strange woman wants this dog to go home too. Her two dogs and one cat are not happy with the strange visitor. Posted this on facebook and Vet’s Office is posting on facebook (but in different wording). I hope the owner will see this (on facebook) and call.

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I Didn’t Dare

The last post I wrote on this site was posted on the day of my sister’s funeral.

What I didn’t add was that she was there standing behind me as the boys played and yelled at each other.

Her spirit . . . not her.

And my little dog’s feet left the ground as she barked at what stood behind me as it whispered, “Remember when that was us?” and the deep throated chuckle that followed that statement was clearly my sister’s own.

I didn’t dare mention my dead sister’s visit that day because when I mentioned it to my cousin, Jimmy, he scoffed and said it hadn’t happened. Well, it had and to prove it, I told him I’d tell her to go see HIM!

He quickly said, “No, don’t do that.”

Well, if it didn’t happen, what harm is there in telling it to happen to him?

But I see it has been a long time since my last playful post and I must write about the next joyful, or funny thing that happens.

You never know when a laugh will happen. Often it’s just around the corner.

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It’s Mine! Give it BACK!

When we were little, my sister, who was older, never wanted to play with anything unless I picked it up and started playing with it. Then she would yell at me, “That’s MINE! Give it BACK!” . . . and I’d tell her I was playing with it. . . Two boys in the neighborhood just reminded me of those times . . . one was riding a hoverboard. He’d already passed the house once while riding on it. My 17 year old dog, Blackie, had ignored him then. I’m not sure she even saw him. Suddenly we heard a slightly older boy come slamming out of a house down the street and he was yelling, “That’s MINE! Give it BACK!” Blackie suddenly realized something was going on and as the boys yelled back and forth at each other . . . the one on the hoverboard out-running the one who said it was his and to give it back . . . they both passed by my house and Blackie got so excited that she barked really hard and every time she’d bark, her feet would leave the ground, she was so excited! Nice time for her for a few minutes outside. She doesn’t do much anymore, and the few times I see the old Blackie coming out in her, it does my heart good.

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