My Kindergarten Days

Isn’t it funny that as I age, I remember things that happened, long, long ago. These are things I hadn’t thought of in years.

Today I remembered a day from kindergarten when I was a student. I went to Catholic School.

One day the teacher (a nun in her full dress habit) decided we would take turns singing songs we knew. She asked who knew a song they’d like to sing? I raised my hand along with others and eventually, she called on me.

It was with great pride that I stood up before my classmates and with my arms outstretched like I’d seen the woman do on Ed Sullivan a few nights before, I launched loudly into the words to the song she sang. As I belted out “Let me go, let me go, let me go, Lover” . . . the nun got a look on her face that I never forgot. She told me that was quite enough and to sit down! I thought I must not sing as well as the other children.

Later when it was time to go home, my teacher, the nun, gave me a note to give to my mother. Well, my mother was at work, so I gave it to my grandmother who took care of me.

She got a similar look on her face as she looked at the paper the nun had sent home.

“What kind of song did you sing in that classroom today?” she demanded to know as she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me close to her.

“I sang ‘Let Me Go’,” I told her.

“SING IT!” she demanded.

Oh, no, now she’ d know I couldn’t sing too. But with my arms outstretched like that woman had done on Ed Sullivan, I started to belt out, “Let me go, let me go, let me go, Lover,” . There went that same look on my grandmother’s face.

“You did NOT!” she said sternly.

“Yes, I did.”

I never did again, I can tell you that. It was years before I knew what I’d done wrong.

My mother, who found it slightly amusing, when she got home and heard the story, sat me in her lap and said that was a song for grownups. Children didn’t sing that song.

Here it is if some of you are not familiar with the words:

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Minds of Canines

I wondered tonight if dogs get Alzheimers. This all happened because Joy did something she’s never done before, and it didn’t make any sense.

I bought her an ifetch machine 3 years ago for Christmas. No matter how many times I tried to show her how to drop the fetched ball into the machine, she refused to do it. She’d let me take it from her and drop it in the ifetch for her, but otherwise, she just stood there wagging her tail and looking foolish with the ball in her mouth. I finally decided she just wanted the human interaction of me dropping the ball into the machine and her bringing it back when it was tossed out.

Tonight we played some ifetch. I stood there dropping the balls in as she happily raced after them and brought them back. I try to stop after twelve balls. I believe she would run herself to death, if I didn’t.

Tonight on the tenth ball, she came happily running back bringing one of my shoes in her mouth. It was actually my best shoe. “Joy?” I asked her. . . “why are you bringing me a shoe? Don’t bite into that leather.”

She was her usual silly self and stood there wagging her tail. I worried for a few seconds . . .until she dropped the shoe and the ball she had run to fetch popped out of it. Well, I guess that’s one way to bring it back.

I keep the ifetch machine inside the kitchen, and she has a straight run down the hall to fetch the balls. Once  in awhile one will bounce into my bedroom and she’ll head in there to get it. I guess that’s where this one had gone.

I still wonder if dog’s get conditions similar to Alzheimers, but I’m not worried about Joy anymore.


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write, write, write . . .

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Losing My Mind?

I may be losing my mind. I’m having one of my “bad days”, but after I dragged the garbage can to the curb for tomorrow’s pickup, I glanced at the house on my way back. There was a mockingbird sitting on that old TV antenna on the roof and he was cocking his head and chirping at me.

I heard him say, “God said to tell you, you haven’t filled the birdfeeder today, and I’m hungry!”

So did I go on in the house or did I put some seeds in the feeder for him?

He got fed. 🙂

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Msplayful's Blog

I view the kitchen as a warm, fun place. Tonight I had all four burners on the stove going and now have a refrigerator filled with cooked meals.

I like to try new recipes. I enjoy making things that are artsy. One time I carved radishes so that they looked like roses.

You can be playful in the kitchen and have a lot of fun. Some of my best conversations came as I washed and dried dishes with someone else.

I think any endeavor that is creative can be enjoyable.

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The Dog’s “Pets”

My dog, Joy, seems to think that any bug that makes it into the house is her new, special friend. She gets upset if I take the fly swatter and send one of her new friends to “bug heaven”. I try not to kill one around her. I do have the house treated and the few times I see a critter, it is upside down on its back with feet in the air dying.

I saw one like that yesterday. Joy laid on the futon and when she saw me notice it, she displayed her worried eyes and watched me as I started to finish it off and dispose of it. In respect to her feelings, I thought I’d play a little fetch with her first and then when she went to take a nap, I’d escort her friend to a better place.

Everything was going well and she was happily chasing the tennis ball down the hall a few times. The last time she came back with it, she dropped it in the floor near the bug. “Bring it to ME!” I told her. She mischieviously began to roll it with her paw. The next thing I knew, she had rolled that tennis ball over the mostly dead bug, and the bug had latched onto the ball and came rolling head over heels towards me. It finally fell off just before the ball got to me. It landed on its back and started wiggling its legs in the air. That was it!

I grabbed the fly swatter and finished beating the thing to death. I glanced at Joy who had sulked off towards the futon and looked upset with me.

I got a papertowel and cleaned up the mess. I put it in the trashcan.

I assured her she’d have another little friend one day. She still didn’t want to have anything to do with me.

Next time I’ll just toss the ball in a room and close the door when she goes in to get it, and then finish off any bug she thinks is her own special pet. I had no idea she’d give that bug a ride on her tennis ball and still wonder if she did it on purpose?

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Memory – Tea For Paul

When I was a seventeen year old bride, I remember putting tea bags in the pot to steep and did it while the pot was on the burner. But back then I didn’t know what the word steep meant as it refers to cooking, and I thought it meant keep boiling the water and just put the tea bags in. So I did and as I stood there, all six tags on those tea bags caught on fire. I yelled for Paul (husband) and he helped me put out the fire, and he moved the pot to the stove top and off the burner. I also didn’t know that you add cold water to the hot water to make tea, so after the tea had steeped, I poured only that hot boiling tea water into the beautiful glass pitcher someone had given us for a wedding present. Paul was sitting with his back to the kitchen and when I was halfway to the table with that pitcher, it exploded and he jumped out of his seat yelling, “What the hell was that???” ha, ha. It was the tea! I think he decided he didn’t like tea any more after that and we switched to Dr. Peppers for our beverages at home. (He drove a Dr. Pepper truck and would stop by the house (trailer) and leave a case of them when we’d get low.)

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