Genshin Impact

Have you heard of the video game, Genshin Impact? Do you play it? Are you good at playing it?

I recently watched someone on Twitch play the game, and I have played it, but saw some new things I hadn’t seen when I played. It’s possible and probable that I hadn’t gotten as far as the person on Twitch, but it’s definite that he is a better player than I am.

I have watched two full streams of his game and was fascinated by what I saw.

You might want to check out this stream on Twitch as well. Here is the link:

It’s live on Sundays at 2:00 pm.

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Paul and the Shrimp

I’d noticed that when Paul and I went out to eat, he often ordered shrimp. I think it was one of his favorite things, so I decided to surprise him with shrimp for dinner one night. I went out and bought some from the seafood market in town and took them home. They had been cleaned, so I didn’t have to worry about that .

I just didn’t know how to cook them. I knew sometimes he got them fried and sometimes they were boiled. Since I didn’t know which way to fix them, I decided to do it both ways.

First I boiled them for awhile and then I put them in a pan and fried them. I was so excited to have something I knew he’d like for dinner.

I fixed the side dishes which were probably fries and slaw. His mother had taught me how to fix slaw, so Paul liked the way I made mine. What he didn’t know was that she used celery seed in hers. He claimed he hated celery. She said if he wasn’t eating it, she’d put a little bit of celery in it, but to get the taste, for me to use celery seed. Paul would never know he was eating it, and the slaw would still have the flavor. That’s how she fixed hers when Paul was going to be there.

When Paul got home for dinner from work, I thought everything was perfect!

He sat down at the table and I put the shrimp in front of him. “I cooked shrimp,” I told him proudly.

“I see you did.” He just kept staring at them like he’d never seen shrimp before. “How did you cook them?” he asked. “Did you boil them or fry them?”

“I did both!” I said. “I didn’t know how to cook them, so I boiled them awhile and then I fried them.”

He looked surprised. He picked one up and bounced it on the table. “They bounce,” he said.

I didn’t know what the problem was. They were done.

He said he couldn’t eat those and I started crying. He said let’s go out to eat. We’d go get shrimp. That made me cry harder. He would like some shrimp, but he didn’t like mine!

“We won’t get shrimp,” he said. “I really am not in the mood for shrimp tonight. Where would you like to go?”

I didn’t want to go anywhere. I wanted to serve the dish I’d worked on and made for him. “They’re not burned,” I wailed.

“No, they’re not,” he agreed.

I think we ended up having slaw and fries for dinner that night. I can’t remember. I do remember I never tried to cook shrimp for picky Paul again.

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Is It Done Enough?

I think I’ve mentioned that I got married at a young age (17) and I knew how to cook, but not everything.

My grandmother did most of the cooking in my family and she would cook many vegetables until they were the texture of mashed potatoes. I noticed in restaurants that the vegetables were more crisp and that’s what I was trying to do. I was just trying to cook good like the stuff we got in the restaurants when my husband and I would go out.

Almost every time I’d put the food I’d cooked on the table, Paul, my husband, would say it wasn’t done. It needed to be cooked more. It looked and tasted fine to me, but I’d cook it some more.

Finally one day the rebel in me came out and when I put the food back in the pan, after being told it was not done, I cooked it until it was burned. I took it back to the table and plopped it down and asked, “There. Is THAT done now?”

Paul looked like he didn’t know what to say, but he said it didn’t need any more cooking and it was fine.

So that’s how I learned to cook. Whenever I cooked for Paul, I would cook the food until it began to burn. Yes, he complained. But I told him there were two ways I knew to cook food – not done and burned. He seemed to prefer burned, so that’s what I served.

Years have passed. Paul is a distant memory, and I finally managed to cook food the way I liked it . . . crisp vegetables and over-easy eggs, etc. My sister still complained that my food wasn’t “done”, but it just didn’t taste like our grandmother’s.

I’m careful to be sure the meat is done, but as far as the rest? If it’s not done enough for others, I can burn it.

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Frog a.k.a. Toad

I’m WIDE Awake!
I got up around 6:00 am and took my dog, Joy, out. I’ve been using my Flovent inhaler in the mornings. (I’m supposed to use it twice a day, but I forget at night.) It seems to be helping. It’s a steroid. And then I went in the bathroom to brush my teeth as I’m to rinse my mouth after use to prevent thrush. That’s when I encountered a toad. I thought it was a frog. Joy, as usual was right on my heels and heard me scream. The frog was headed into my bedroom. That’s ALL I need is a frog under my bed! So I shooed Joy into the bedroom, while using my foot to push the frog back into the bathroom. I ran around and got some things large enough to cover the gap under the door to the bedroom so he wouldn’t hop in there. I got the broom and a box. I thought at first I’d just sweep him down the hall and out the front door, but wasn’t sure how cooperative he’d be. He was sitting in the corner, facing the corner like a child being punished in class (my generation). I opened the lid to the box and swept, swept, swept that uncooperating frog into the box (finally!) and closed the lid. Then I carried both the box and the broom (in case he somehow managed to get out) to the porch. I put the box on its side on the grass and opened it. He sat frozen inside the box. He ventured out a little way, but stayed on/in the box. I saw my neighbor, Keith, coming out of his apartment with a bag of trash he was taking to the dumpster. I yelled at him and asked if he wanted to see what I found in my bathroom this morning? He came over and looked “It’s a frog!” I told him. “No,” he laughed. “That isn’t a frog. That’s a toad. And it’s a small one.” “You mean they get BIGGER???” I was still shaking from all I’d done. He said yes. That was a baby toad. As we talked, the toad hopped out of the box. Keith went on to the dumpster, and I turned on my camera and took a few seconds of video as the toad hopped into the bushes in front of my porch. I have no idea how he got in this house. I had just opened the box the sewing machine table came in and sat down in the living room and looked at all those directions. (I’d also brought all my flowers in last night off the porch, so maybe he was in one of them?) I put on my water for coffee and followed Joy back to the bedroom to use my Flovent inhaler. Start at the top and you know what happened next. 

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Chess/Shooting Pool and Candy Crush

Does playing chess and/or shooting pool help when you play Candy Crush? Maybe I should rephrase that “does the ability to play chess and/or shoot pool” help with Candy Crush? I believe it does.
I have played chess since age ten, and I learned to shoot pool as a teenager. I’ve enjoyed Candy Crush for many of the past years. In chess I plan at least three moves ahead and I also try to anticipate my opponent’s next three moves as well. In pool I notice how hitting one ball will affect the others, depending on which ones it hits as it passes by.
I’ve just won a hard level on Candy Crush, and I did it by the “thinking three moves ahead” that I learned to do when playing chess. I also employed the “where will this candy land if I swipe here?” similar to what I use when shooting pool.
I don’t buy boosters in Candy Crush. I will play the same level 100 times, if I have to, to win, and I’ll use any free boosters they give me, but I refuse to spend money buying them. Often that means I spend a lot of time on one level and see many nuances of it.
Candy Crush is a stress reliever for me and also as I age, I think the puzzle aspect of the game helps my brain stay sharp.

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Not Feeling Christmasy This Year?

I put my Christmas tree up in the house before Thanksgiving. I put an old one on the patio and just heard noises. Someone’s kittens are out there having a ball with the cheap ornaments I put on it. Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. Did you cancel your birthday because of the Pandemic? Don’t cancel his!

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Joe “Where Am I?” Biden

I won’t be like others and say Joe Biden isn’t my president, if he wins.

It won’t matter. He won’t know himself whose president he is.

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I made my last trip ever to Walmart today. I’ll never go back.

I just did the customer survey that was offered on my receipt. I went to the website and told whoever might or might not read it about the horrible trip I had to Walmart this afternoon.

Always before, during this Pandemic, there was an employee at the store counting customers as they came in, and another one counting them as they came out. There was a line of people before waiting to enter. Today the woman at the door held a clipboard and would click something from time to time – not every time a person walked in, but she also was hollering to folks as they walked up to the store to “Come on in! This was their LUCKY DAY! No waiting!”

Once you got in the store, You could not get more than five inches between you and another customer. I tried to go down the aisles in the direction indicated by the arrows on the floor, but I noticed most people were trying to go in the opposite directions.

At one point there was a gaggle of black teenage boys following this old, white senior citizen lady who was walking with a cane and they were using the “F word” every other word in their loud comments as they followed her through the store.

There were two aisles I could not even go down as a mother with a cart and five or six children running and screaming up and down the aisles kept anyone else from getting to any item in that location.

When it came time to check out, I was so rattled that it took me three times as long as usual, but I took my time because I knew what a state my mind was in after being in that store.

I’ll never go back. Never. Ever. I’ll never darken their doorway with myself or my money.

This was a store in NC. I heard from a friend that the one she went to in a town twenty miles away was similar today. Maybe it was an “F YOU!” to all customers who went to Walmart on Saturday, September 12? Maybe it was some kind of protest against the confines of the masks and social distancing in Walmart lately. All I know is I will never go to Walmart again as long as I live. They have nothing I want that bad and as it was, they didn’t have two of the items on my list, and as I searched for them, people came from both directions, with hoards of children around them. There was no way to have a safe distance from anyone in that store today. Masks were either not worn, worn under the chin, or under noses. I saw a few other people wearing masks correctly, but the whole place made me feel like the air was full of and filling more with Covid germs.

If this is Walmart, they can go out of business for all I care. They don’t deserve to have customers if that’s how they are running their stores now.

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If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It.

WordPress Blog has lost its mind. They have a new, more complicated way of blogging, and I am looking for a different blog site because, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I have no interest in learning their new complicated way of writing blogs on their messed up site. If anyone else has a blog elsewhere, please let me know where, and I will try there. WordPress blog is no longer worth the technical trouble it has caused with its new horrible updated site. And I HAVE contacted them and they suggested I continue to teach myself their new format. I am not willing to do that when the old way worked better.

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Marco Polo

    Possibly history in the making as Hurricane Marco plays Marco Polo with Hurricane Laura and Laura finds him. 

Fujiwhara Effect: Two tropical systems could collide in Gulf of Mexico ::

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